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Kanye West feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz – Power (Remix)

Been waiting for this remix to drop for awhile... Time to make a new mix...
Click Here to Download!

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Lebron dunks on Make a wish kids.

What kind of asshole dunks on make a wish kids? Lebron James is even knocking them down as he's dunking on them... lol...

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Harlem Shake Story... a NT Classic..

My parents went away last week for their 20th wedding anniversary and left me home alone. So ive been talking to the german exchange chick in my Bio class for most of the semester and this week was perfect to make my move since i got an empty house. I told her i was gonna show her a "piece of Germany".
So yesterday i grabbed the keys to my moms Benz wagon, had some stoner dude pick me up a 6 pack of Becks, and i thought we could finish the night off with a sausage tasting
Long story short, we're in the car, the Becks is kicking in with her (i didnt drink and drive) and she says its cool to go back to my pad. In the back of my head i start flipping out. Then when i go to make a uturn i forget that i have it in freaking reverse. I backed up into a telephone pole!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrr! nooooooo!! Sea blocked by a pole, pole blocked! I got a MEAN dent it the back and im flipping out and it kills the mood. I was in a get in those ribs mood and she was in a take me home mood.
So i take it over to this oily machanic dude i know to get an estimate today. He tells me $950 BUCKS!! Im like Allah, jesus, whoever, please just kill me. So i go to my boys house and everybody thinks its FUNNY! This girl Casey was there who is like the head of all the dances and all that says she might have an idea to help me out.
She said that our school dance team was sponsoring a HARLEM SHAKE contest on monday and the GRAND PRIZE IS $1000! At first i was like yessssssss but then i remembered i didnt know how to Harlem Shake.
Im determined to get this done whatever it takes but the compitition is supposed to be steep. Like 100 kids signed up and they're bussing in actual Harlem residents to judge the contest. I need some soul quick! If i win i can get the car fixed and cleaned up before the parental units get home next thursday.
Any tips? anything? videos? i just spent an hour watching this girls copy of Darrens Dance Grooves and my head is spinning. Im practicing in the mirror but it just looks like im drowning. My arms are just flapping all over the place and i almost dislocated my shoulder. broke. My parents left me money to eat and stuff but thats just about to run out. I spent most of it on a couple pairs of Dunks the day they left now all i can afford is like a slice of pizza a day.

Now i hear that "Pete The Pop Lockin Playa" and his friend "Hustlin Hank" (yes, thats what they call themselves) were trying to get their hands on the German chick. Tonight! GOD does my life SUCK. Shes a sweet girl and very impressionable. Now these dancer kids who run the school are probably gonna foul her before i get my shot

my shoulders are killing me This kid DJ Tanner is gonna be on the wheels of steel for the competition. Im cool with him, he wished me luck when i saw him today. He said he's been saving some of his dopes beats and freshest grooves especially for tomorrow. I wanna be ready for whatever he puts on.

I can feel the funk in the blood. If dancing was a house, Poppin' Pete would be evicted So I get to school this morning all braided up and there’s a huge buzz about the contest tonight. People I don’t even know heard about my story started wishing me luck in the hallway. So I’m in the library during my 3rd period study hall and one of Poppin Pete’s henchmen “Funky Brewster” (again, I’m sorry, all the kids in my school are total ****** and refuse to go by their real name) comes over and starts talking to me.
He says that Pete The Pop Lockin’ Playa heard about all the junk I’ve been talking and wants to challenge me to a DANCE FIGHT after school BEFORE the HARLEM SHAKE CONTEST. Im like . I told him I had to practice my routine for tonight and I was totally against unsanctioned dance contests.
So now it’s lunch time and I see Poppin’ Pete and Hustlin’ Hank making a bee line right for my table. I’m sitting there with Anna enjoying my kiwi strawberry Capri-Sun and Pete is like “You better get down (dance) or lay down (die). 3pm, out by the dumpsters in the parking lot. ”
I couldn’t back down in front of Anna so I was like “Sorry to knock your HUSTLE HANK but it looks like your boy PETE is gonna get POPPED!” In my head I was like, what the hell am I getting myself into. Word spread around school quick.
Now it’s almost 3pm, I cant find Anna, and there’s no way to get out of this. I make my way toward the dumpsters and I see this huge crowd. Its Poppin’ Pete and the rest of his goonies, “Hustlin’ Hank”, “Funky Brewster”, “Willie Wiggles”, and “Newman Beatbox”.
I see Poppin’ Pete and he’s got his hands around ANNA teaching her to do the THUNDER CLAP. I’m like
As soon as she saw me she ran over and said I didn’t have to do this. Someone could get seriously hurt or even expelled and to save all my energy for TONIGHTS CONTEST. I just said, “I danced my way into this mess, now I’m gonna dance my way out” And tossed my Jansport to the side…
Nobody had a radio so “Newman Beatbox” said he would lay down a stone cold groove. He sets it off with alittle “BOOM, BAP, BOOM BOOM BOOM, BAP!”
Pete starts HARELM SHAKING. He starts with a couple rare combo’s I’ve never seen and he says: “SHA SHA, SHAKE, SHA SHAKE SHAKE… SHAKE SOMETHIN’!” His whole crew was like OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!
My face goes . Its my turn to rock. I thought i would start it off safe with alittle LEAN BACK, LEAN BACK… and then slip into the ROCKAWAY. All of a sudden I freeze up, catch a cramp in my leg and hit the floor. I didn’t know what the hell was happening. Even more OOOOOOOHHHHH’s now.
All of a sudden his whole crew takes advantage and jumps me! There was this huge cloud of dust and I was at the bottom in the fetile position. Like SIX guys just HARLEM SHAKING on top of me(pause?). I think one of them was doing the RUNNING MAN too because I felt some feet near my groin. Anna ran and got help, so the assistant Principal ended up coming out so everybody started running. I finally got up but the damage was already done.
Im battered and brusied, and only a few hours from the HARLEM SHAKE CONTEST! They just wanted to take me out so they can have tonights prize money all to themselves.
God I hate typing… more on the actual CONTEST in a bit. Sorry, yesterday was so nuts i fell asleep after all the madness...
So anyway, I go home and get myself cleaned up after getting HARLEM SHOOK. It wasn’t pretty but im over it. I hope my mouth didn’t write a check my HARLEM SHAKE skills can’t cash.
I just put on my game face and got ready for the CONTEST. So I show up at school and get signed in. They give me a trucker hat with my number on it and said I was gonna be in Group 6. The gym was PACKED. Poppin’ Pete was already there gassing up the crowd by doing some unintentionally -erotic dance routine with “Funky Brewster”.
I just gave them a and sat down with ANNA to wait for my group to be called.
The contest gets going and I’m starting off strong. Kids are just dropping like flies. 100 turns to 80…60…40 and im still in there. The judges are like “YOU, OUT…YOU OUT!” I’m in the TOP 20 but unfortunately so are the usual suspects, Pete, Hank and them.
I know this is the time to put my HARLEM SHAKE skills in OVERDRIVE. I start doing all types of combos: bounce combos, hop combos, cheddar cheese pretzel combos, you name it. Anna’s on the side doing her little offbeat German Poka shuffle to the music but I can feel her support. BOOM, 5 more people go down including FUNKY BREWSTER!
Right now my legs are crazy and im just rockin’ steady. Its like im channeling Crazy Legs or something. Im pretty much having a seizure on the dance floor. I had to fight off one teacher from trying to stick a wallet in my mouth. He thought I was gonna swallow my tongue or something. People couldn’t believe what they’re seeing. IM IN THE TOP 10!
So then I go into this BUCKTOWN BOUNCE shake just trying to keep up with POPPIN PETE and everybody else. Then alittle DIRTY BIRD shake with a smooth transition into the ROBOT. JOHNNY 5 was alive! Now a few more kids get eliminated!
The top five is me, “Willie Wiggles” “Poppin’ Pete” “Newman Beatbox” and this kid who’s not part of Pete’s crew “Dance Armstrong”.
So I set it off with this hybrid DAME DASH dice roll shake. Im doing the shake with my left and trying to ROLL TRIPPS with my right. Im dropping invisible singles on the floor, blowing on my imaginary dice, all that. Its like im playing CEELO….with myself, right there on the dance floor.
Beatbox & Wiggles get CUT!
Now it’s TOP 3 and im staring to freak out. DANCE ARMSTRONG is coming on strong and POPPIN PETE is doing his usual thing. I come out of nowhere with some Lord of The Dance type footwork comboed with a Savion Glover type tap step. It didn’t faze either of them.
I see Dance Armstrong starting to slow down alittle so I decide to hit him with the FLINTSTONE FLOP. As soon as he sees that he just runs out of steam and hits the floor! He’s OUT!
This is it, the finals! Im not a big Phil Collins fan but I can feel it coming in the air tonight. I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, oh lord.
ME vs POPPIN PETE in the showcase showdown. The judges tell us this is gonna be a winner take all, no holds barred, sudden death shake off! We were like two gladiators in the Roman Coliseum except instead of swords our weapon of choice was dance. We start going at it and the place is going absolutely bananas.
Im movin’ & groovin’. Pete’s shuckin’ & jivin’. We’re going back and forth, it’s a dead heat.
I start doing this year 2019 slow motion ghetto matrix bullet time shake. People couldn’t believe it. Pete looked stumped. He looked at the judges and was like “Is that even legal?’ I just told him: “A real man doesn’t have to say NO SLO-MO!”
The crowd was like OOOOOOHHHHHHH.
We keep going back and forth but I can see Pete is fazed. He’s starting to get tired and his Harlem Shake looks like its drifting towards the Upper West Side. I’m just doing a fist pump shake and a 2 step. My adrenaline is pumping and it look like Pete’s legs are gonna buckle.
I felt like SUBZERO when I heard ANNA’s sweet German accent slice through the crowd and yell: “FINISH HIM!”
I know what had to be done. I just start shaking double time, triple time. The whole crowd was a huge blur, it was surreal. I slow down for a sec and look him right in the eye. The place goes silent. I just said “TIMBEEEEEERRRRR” then brushed the dirt off his shoulder.
I WON! Everybody came pouring out of the bleachers and rushed me. It was INSANE. Anna couldnt stick her tongue down my throat fast enough. They ended up giving me this GIANT cardboard check for $1000. YES! I got the money, power, and finally some RESPECT. I felt like a LOX song!
As of today Mom’s Benz is officialy in the shop getting fixed and I got $50 left over to try and buy my way into Anna’s pants. CRAZEST day of my life, I’m still trying to recover…

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Letter to a teacher

Taken from NT... this is too funny... notice that she tried drawing a picture of the bully at the bottom but then erased it.. haha

my friends teaches middle school and this is a note she was given by a student.

then i scanned it...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

UFC 117

This card is sick tonight for UFC 117 ...
Jon Fitch gonna put it on Alves...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Attack of the 5 foot hipster

i dont know what this is but its creative and i dig it....

Kanye West - Power

Its not a music video, its a moving painting

So what exactly is the piece?

Well, it's a video portrait of Kanye. It starts with a very tight shot introducing him that's kind of a reinvention of a neoclassical painting. It pulls back from the shot, without any cuts, and we reveal the video canvas, populated by all these characters who are depicted in various stages of undress and decadence. The iconography comes from Roman iconography, Renaissance iconography, and it connects to the sexuality of the music as well. As we reveal the setting for it, there's a feeling of a moment of transition for him. A fall from grace, if you will. It visualizes power, and him as the icon as power, and then at the end of the piece it challenges the power that I set up at the beginning. It's an elliptical piece of storytelling.

How did you guys end up using that kind of imagery?
He approached me via my gallery and he wanted to do something that wasn't a music video. He wanted a video work that would accompany the music. I said, "That's great, because I don't do music videos." I wanted to give it an epic feeling. The song feels very personal, but the orchestration and the production of the track is epic and I wanted to give it something hypersensational and exaggerated.

Kanye had laid low after the Taylor Swift incident, and I think people expected him to come back a bit humbled. Were you surprised that he wanted to do something this over-the-top?
That's exactly what I like about his music. It's the anti–
Tiger Woods moment, you know? This piece is really about that. The new album is very personal, too, and the various tracks on the album suggest things that have happened to him. This is the most epic track. It was a really great opportunity to show a moment of defiance and a moment of self-awareness. It's that combination that he has as an artist that's very peculiar.

When did the actual production take place?
We started about a month ago on the photography. It took quite a long time in postproduction to put together. All the multi-layered imagery was very complicated. We used everything from 3-D graphics programs to this thing called "The Flame" that's used for feature films. It's basically a compassing tool; it's very much like how Photoshop works for stills. In fact, I put the images together in Photoshop first and we translated that to motion footage. We used every conceivable leading-edge tool that's at an artists' disposal.

How much input did Kanye have?
In preproduction, we had a lot of brainstorming sessions. Once we started production it became about how to execute it, so it was mostly in my studio and working with my postproduction people.

So what's Kanye like in real life?
He has a charisma to him which is really compelling. Creatively, he really wants to take chances. He let me go as far as I wanted to go. It wasn't like working with a music act or a video commissioned from a record label. He really thinks like an artist: The conversations were based on visual references, music references, and very little to do with the business side, the marketing side. As a musician, he expresses himself as an artist.

Have you been following his Twitter?
I heard he just started, recently. I heard it's really gotten an amazing following. What's it like?

He tweets about Persian rugs with cherub imagery and stuff like that.
Oh yeah, he told me about that one. That's very much how he is. He has a very kind of hyperactive thirst for things.

The piece is premiering tonight after Jersey Shore. Any thoughts on the association between the two?
I didn't know what
Jersey Shore was until they told me. I guess whatever gets people to look at it. It's not like a gallery show; once I made it, I don't have control.

You've said you're expecting a bit of controversy from the piece. Are you gearing yourself up to defend it?
Look, I think it's a very honest piece. It's definitely larger-than-life and it's definitely a strong kind of statement, and it ties into his persona and it ties into his reputation and everything else that will be commented on will be commented on through the filter of how people perceive his persona ... he's brash, and uncensored, but it has a self-awareness. And it's not just constructed. A lot of very popular mainstream artists are products of record companies and marketing companies, and any time anyone can stand outside of that, that's interesting. He's one of the few people left that's making work that he believes in.

Do you have anything else planned with Kanye?
We're talking about it. We're talking about doing more projects.

And I understand you've heard that Dark Twisted Fantasy is the name of the album?
I've heard that's the latest name. I would say not locked-in, and it would probably not get locked until closer to the time of the album release.

Lastly, you directed Demolition Man. That is a great movie! What do you think about it now?
My personal vision isn't really represented by a big Hollywood movie like that, but technically I was able to learn a lot making more commercial work. A movie like
Demolition Man, we broke a lot of ground at the time. Since, my focus kind of easily shifted to doing artwork.

Jack Purcell Classics

Its usually only nikes and jordans from me.. but these are ill... we all need to expand the wardrobes..